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Here are the audio recordings from the first few classes. The classes started on January 7, 2017 and are held every Saturday at 9 AM IST.

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One week camp on Upadesha Saram - September 2016

One week camp on Upadesha Saram

Upadesha Saram (Essence of the teaching or spiritual knowledge) is a profound text of 30 verses by Ramana Maharshi. The verses deal with the following topics - Limitation of Action, Role of Action, Likes & Dislikes, Harmony in Life, Karma Yoga, Bhakti, Worship, Praise of the Lord, Contemplation, Attitude of Non-Duality, Non-duality as the highest devotion, Nature of the mind, Quietening the mind, Yoga of knowledge, Self-enquiry, Enquiry into the nature of God, Nature of knowledge & Happiness as the truth of oneSelf.
The uniqueness of the text is that the teaching is very direct, in the characteristic style of Ramana Maharshi. He takes us straight to the core of the human problem, which is the ego or ahankara, and gives us powerful methods to deal with it.
There were 3 classes on Upadesha Saram each day by Swami Sarvananda. Additionally there was a class daily on Introductory Vedanta by Sri. Jithendranath Vaidyanathan. There was also an interactive question and answer session every evening by Swami Sarvananda.

You can find audio recordings of the classes here.

One week residential camp for kids - May 2016

One week residential Children's camp

The various sessions in the camp included Yoga in the morning for an hour, Prayer & Shloka classes, Hinduism/culture/spirituality classes, Story telling sessions, Spoken Sanskrit, Bhangra dancing, Happy Assembly sessions after dinner, Classical singing.
The camp faculty included Swami Sarvananda, Lalitha Ramachandran, Lavanya Prasad & Srinivas Pulluri.

For more photographs please go here.

One week camp on Yaksha Prashna - April 2016

One week camp on Yaksha Prashna

Yaksha Prashna is a profound section from the Mahabharata, where Lord Yama himself asks a set of 123 questions, to Yudhishthira, on a variety of topics concerning ethics, code of conduct, knowledge of oneself, pursuit of the truth and the qualifications required for the pursuit, attitude to life in general, Universal order, appreciation of divinity in the world around us etc. The participants were from India, Brazil & Italy. There were 2 Vedanta classes for an hour every day. There were also classes on Yoga & basic Sanskrit pronunciation including learning to chant some basic mantras and prayers. There was a question & answer session for an hour everyday in the evening where the campers got their questions answered.
The camp was conducted by Swami Sarvananda. Yoga classes were conducted by Smt. Geetha Iyer, who is a Yoga teacher at Chennai and was also one of the campers.

200 hour (30 day) Yoga Teacher Training Course - Feb. 2016 (YTTC)

Teacher Training Course (TTC) - February 2016

The course included about 4 hours of Hatha Yoga (Asanas & Pranayama) along with 2 classes every day in Vedanta/Yoga Sutra, 1 class on Chanting prayers in Sanskrit with a detailed overview of science of phonetics (sound production of Sanskrit alphabets), 1 satsang in the evening that included some stories from the Mahabharata, singing of bhajans, meaning of certain forms like Dakshinamurti/Ganesha, certain assorted topics on Indian culture and Question/Answer sessions, every day. There were also some sessions on the anatomy of the human body (by a professor of Anatomy) with particular reference to Yoga. Trips were also arranged to nearby places of spiritual/religious significance like Mahabalipuram, Pondicherry, Ramakrishna Mission, Chennai etc. At the end of the course there were some practice sessions on Yoga teaching to fellow students, by dividing them into groups. There were 11 participants including 4 from different parts of India, 4 from the United States, 1 from the United Kingdom, 1 from Portugal and 1 person from Japan.
The course was certified by Yoga Alliance, USA. The successful students are now qualified to teach Hatha Yoga.
The course faculty included Swami Sarvananda, Sanjeet Prasad and Swami Viswatmananda.